Middle and High School Department Meetings Follow Up

Some thoughts from the district wide department meeting:

  • Check out http://commoncoretools.me/ for up to date info on the Math CCLS and information on how to make $200 writing tasks for the CCLS.
  • Middle School teachers be sure to check out the Math In Focus books at your schools as we will need to make a decision by April 1.
Teacher Reflections on the Benchmarks and Midterms:
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Integrated Algebra
Alg 2-Trig

Files used:

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Middle School Teachers don’t look at below or at the link below.  We will do this at another time in the future.

High School New York Time Problem – Middle school stop reading we will do this problem another time.

New York Times – SmartNotebook file
Two take-aways from the problem are:

  • When we use problems for students, allow students time to struggle with it, but be ready with easier problems to help scaffold.
  • When using problems in the math classroom, whether they are simple or more involved, it is important to key in on the purpose of doing the problem and make decisions with that purpose in mind.

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