Student Assessment Self-Reflection/Analysis at ARMS

While at Arcadia Middle School in Mrs. Norton’s room, I noticed her students working independently on what appeared to be review.  On closer inspection each student was working on an individualized remediation and review plan following their last assessment.

After each test Mrs. Norton’s students complete a self-reflection/analysis that shows them where they struggled and consequently where they need to work in the coming weeks.  Below is one student’s reflection/analysis of his midterm.


But wait there’s more…

Following the analysis students keep a weekly log of what they are planning on working on and when.  This is then approved by Mrs. Norton each week.  If students are able to show improvement on their own the interventions are largely student driven, but if a student is not showing improvement the then plan is more teacher directed.  Below is an an example of what one of these sheets looks like.


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