Additional Info on NYS Grade 4 – Question #58



We are not recommending that proctors advise all students before the test begins that there are two acceptable answers for this test question. This is because we expect that most 4th graders will follow the math lessons that they have been taught in school and gravitate to only one answer. We suspect that if a general announcement were made to all students before the test begins, many students would expend unnecessary time trying to arrive at both answers. I think that when teachers see the item, when they are permitted to on Thursday, they will concur with this.

If it appears to a proctor that a student is expending a great deal of time on this question, the proctor may advise the student that Question 58 has two correct answers, either of which is acceptable, even if the student does not ask the proctor for clarification.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your concern regarding this matter.

Steven Katz

Steven Katz
Office of State Assessment


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