NYSED posts CCLS sample items for Math and ELA

NYSED has posted CCLS sample items for Math and ELA. These are not sample tests, but sample items to demonstrate the shifts. In an email from Commissioner John King he said, “The release of the sample questions is the first of three phases of releasing information about the 2012-13 Common Core assessments. In the second phase in July, we will release rubrics for the constructed response questions and annotated student work. In the third phase later this summer, we will release additional information about the test specifications.”


From the NYSED website

Math Questions:
Interpret the way the standards are conceptualized in each question.
Note the multiple ways the standard is assessed throughout the sample questions.
Take note of numbers (e.g., fractions instead of whole numbers) used in the samples.
Pay attention to the strong distractors in each multiple-choice question.
Don’t consider these questions to be the only way the standard will be assessed.
Don’t assume that the sample questions represent a mini-version of future state assessments.

Understanding Math Sample Questions

Multiple Choice
Sample multiple-choice math questions are designed to assess CCLS math standards and incorporate both standards and math practices in real-world applications. Math multiple-choice questions assess procedural and conceptual standards. Unlike questions on past math assessments, many require the use of multiple skills and concepts. Answer choices are also different from those on past assessments. Within the sample questions, all distractors will be based on plausible missteps.

Short Constructed Response
Math short constructed response questions are similar to past 2-point questions, asking students to complete a task and show their work. Like multiple-choice questions, short constructed response questions will often require multiple steps, the application of multiple math skills, and real-world applications. Many of the short constructed response questions will cover conceptual and application standards.

Extended Constructed Response
Math extended constructed response questions are similar to past 3-point questions, asking students to show their work in completing two or more tasks or one more extensive problem. Extended constructed response questions allow students to show their understanding of math procedures, conceptual understanding, and application.


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