NYS Releases 3-8 Math Assessment results are in and we made progress

Today NYS released the 3-8 Math results for NYS.  After a quick look Greece has closed the gap on the most of the county schools.  Greece made the second largest gains of any School district in the county when looking at the scores overall for grades 3-8.  We still have plenty of room to improve, but this is evidence that we are making progress.


Looking at Monroe County as a whole, Pittsford and Penfield are out front at 91% proficient.  There is then a pack of eleven schools with proficiency rates between 73% and 83%.  Greece is at the bottom of this pack at 73.9% but is making progress toward the rest of the schools.

Here is video illustration of how we have moved.

Likening this to the world of cycling with the Tour de France going on right now, GCSD made the jump from off the packing trailing the peleton to the back of the peloton.  With another solid year we can expect to be in the front of the peloton.  Just like in cycling there is little difference in your results in your peloton, but it takes a steady effort with a great burst to leave the peloton and catch the leaders in the front.

We will continue to do some subgroup analysis and other internal benchmarking as well as to dig into the additional comparative data that will be provided by BOCES.

All of this data is publicly available the NYSED website for the 2011 and the 2012 data.


Note Rochester City was left off the chart, but the Monroe County totals include Rochester City.


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