NYS Math Scoring – April 30th – Grades 4 and 7

On April 30th we will score grade 4 and 7 exams.  The MITs, 6th grade teachers, and 4 fourth grade teachers will score the 4th grade assessments.  Meanwhile the 7th grade exams will be scored by the 7th and 8th grade teachers.

Below are the specific scoring assignments for April 30th for the Math scoring or here is a a printable PDF version.


GCSD Primary Benchmark Issues

Two issues so far with the benchmarks and both fairly easily corrected.

K – Benchmark 
There are two sets of addition problems instead of one addition and one subtraction.
District data will not be collected on the addition problems in questions 7 as they are now just duplicates of question 5.  Teachers should not have students do question 7.
Second Grade – Benchmark 
The teacher names and student IDs did not print on the top of the pages.
Teachers should instruct students to fill in the teacher name on at least page 1 and 3.

Student Assessment Self-Reflection/Analysis at ARMS

While at Arcadia Middle School in Mrs. Norton’s room, I noticed her students working independently on what appeared to be review.  On closer inspection each student was working on an individualized remediation and review plan following their last assessment.

After each test Mrs. Norton’s students complete a self-reflection/analysis that shows them where they struggled and consequently where they need to work in the coming weeks.  Below is one student’s reflection/analysis of his midterm.


But wait there’s more…

Following the analysis students keep a weekly log of what they are planning on working on and when.  This is then approved by Mrs. Norton each week.  If students are able to show improvement on their own the interventions are largely student driven, but if a student is not showing improvement the then plan is more teacher directed.  Below is an an example of what one of these sheets looks like.

New York State Math testing reminders Grades 3-8

Below are some documents I shared with the Middle School Math Leadership group yesterday afternoon about the New York State Math Assessments for grades 3-8.

I am working on finalizing scoring plans and will email teachers that will need to score on May 4th and 8th over April break.


Notes on the 2012 NYS Math Test

2012 math testing setup grades 3-5

2012 math testing setup grades 6-8

NYSED OPTIONAL survey on Time Used for 2012 NYS Gr3to8 Tests



High School Common Core and Accessible Arithmetic Algorithms

Following up on a meeting with the Arcadia High math department this week, I wanted to post a few links that are mostly available on the Greece math website on the Common Core but were specific to our conversation about the Common Core and our bird walk about the algorithms taught in the elementary program.

Interactive Common Core standards with some tasks that have been written by other educators

High school courses (and accelerated 7th and 8th grade) as defined by Appendix A of the Common Core

Common Core Author’s blog with information about the task writing opportunity

States that have adopted the Common Core

Accessible Algorithms taught in elementary program in Greece

Middle and High School Department Meetings Follow Up

Some thoughts from the district wide department meeting:

  • Check out http://commoncoretools.me/ for up to date info on the Math CCLS and information on how to make $200 writing tasks for the CCLS.
  • Middle School teachers be sure to check out the Math In Focus books at your schools as we will need to make a decision by April 1.
Teacher Reflections on the Benchmarks and Midterms:
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Integrated Algebra
Alg 2-Trig

Files used:

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Middle School Teachers don’t look at below or at the link below.  We will do this at another time in the future.

High School New York Time Problem – Middle school stop reading we will do this problem another time.

New York Times – SmartNotebook file
Two take-aways from the problem are:

  • When we use problems for students, allow students time to struggle with it, but be ready with easier problems to help scaffold.
  • When using problems in the math classroom, whether they are simple or more involved, it is important to key in on the purpose of doing the problem and make decisions with that purpose in mind.

Grades 3-5 Math Benchmark Scoring Guides – online and interactive

In an effort to leverage technology and provide everyone an opportunity to be involved in the conversations around the benchmarks, we will be posting the scoring guides online for the Grades 3-5 Math Benchmark #2.  You will be able to click on the links below to be taken to the corresponding scoring guide.

While viewing the scoring guide, you can make comments anywhere in the text by highlighting the text and choosing Insert > Comment or typing Ctrl+Alt+M.

You can print the scoring guides using the embedded Google Docs printing menu (File > Print) not the standard Internet Explorer printing menu.


As with an activity you may do in your class, this is only as interactive as you make it.  I encourage you to post questions about how to score something, ask for clarification, or even disagree with the scoring guide altogether.  Your comments will be anonymous, but you may want to include your name or building in order to continue the conversation offline.

Grade 3 Scoring Guide – Math Benchmark #2 Feb 2012

Grade 4 Scoring Guide – Math Benchmark #2 Feb 2012

Grade 5 Scoring Guide – Math Benchmark #2 Feb 2012

Middle School District Wide Department Meeting

The agenda for Tuesday’s department meeting can be found here  MS Math February 28, 2012

I will bring printed copies of the benchmark data for you, but ask that you please bring copies of the benchmark.  I will be asking each of you to complete an analysis sheet with an action plan as we did in the fall.

Since our time is limited on Tuesday, please do your best to get to Olympia quickly.  I will have material ready for you to begin as soon as you walk in as I will be finishing up with the high school.  Please jump right in so we do not waste any time.

Please email before the meeting if you will not be able to attend.

High School District Wide Department Meeting

The agenda for Tuesday’s department meeting can be found here  HS Math February 28, 2012.

Please make sure you bring your midterm results and what you have done and are planning on doing to address issues that were surfaced from the midterm.  This may be a review sheet your put together, a Castle Learning assignment, or something even cooler.

Since our time is limited on Tuesday, please do your best to get to Olympia quickly.

Please email before the meeting if you will not be able to attend.

Secondary Math Coaches Meeting February 15, 2012 Agenda

The agenda for the February 15, 2012 Secondary Math Coaches meeting is posted here.  The agenda will be updated with the minutes following the meeting.


The second half of the meeting we will be looking at two interesting articles from the Art of Problem solving and discussing how to incorporate problems solving into middle and high school classrooms.  I encourage you to talk with your math coaches following our meeting to see what suggestions they may have for you.